A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Compulsion is a serious game aimed at demonstrating to players what it can be like to live with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  In Compulsion, you play as a woman preparing for a date and you must get your house in order while managing compulsive behaviors. Let them nag too long and the date is canceled. 

Compulsion was developed during the Spring 2017 semester of Alternative Game Development at the University of Utah.

Instructions: Complete date tasks by clicking the blue sticky notes and then looking around and interacting with the environment to finish the task. Satisfy compulsions by interacting in areas with the flashing indicators.

WASD to move, left mouse to interact.


Caden Barton

Lucas Duros

Adam Hayes

Pinak Jalan

Cameron Minkel

Domas Pirigas

Caughey Zachery



CompulsionGame.zip 138 MB


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A lovely little game that gets across what OCD is. Sound effects were a little sparse and even footsteps would have helped but overall it was a nice experience. Good job... :)


Thanks so much for taking an interest and making a playthrough! We really appreciate the feedback and support :)

Rather impressive. Once the um controls are clear.

Wow, thanks so much for playing! It was tough to get the process across to the player without explicitly outlining the tasks so it does come down to exploration and clicking around although I know that isn't the most intuitive or logical. You did great though, and we really appreciate that you took time to make a video!